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MicroPortCare for Patient Center concentrates on patient education and support for minimally invasive intervention. It provides routine education information of products for minimally invasive intervention, answering questions from patients about the interventional products and therapies and offering 24-hour help for patients and caregivers of patients.If you have any doubt about the product information that we provide or about the therapies, please contact us MicroPortCare for Patient Center. If it involves the diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, first aid and so on of specific diseases, please be sure to go to the hospital for treatment, and the professional opinions of medical staff shall prevail. In case of medical emergency, please call 120 immediately.

Focused on the intervention of minimally invasive surgery To learn more, please follow the official account

MicroPortCare <sup>®</sup> Care for Patients Official Account
MicroPortCare Care for Patients Official Account

MicroPortCare Hotline:4008-400-501