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Management Trainee Program

No matter how science advances, it is only as meaningful as the lives it transforms.

Due to improvements in food security and sanitary conditions, the average life expectancy is fast approaching and exceeding 80 years. Through medical interventions, we are striving to enable humans to live healthily beyond 115 years! MicroPort® employees always revere, respect, cherish and take pride in the MicroPort® product qualities from the heart. Every products results from at least eight years of painstaking efforts, and epitomizes five key elements of Science and Technology, Craftsman’s Spirit, Artistic Taste, Freedom of Mind, and Care and Concern for Humanity. We always remind ourselves that the products we develop and produce are not only effective, but also save and improve patient lives.

MicroPort® leverages the “People-Capital Convergence” model help to realize our strategic goals. Our culture is represented by eight key values: Quality, Integrity, Accountability, Efficiency, Innovation, Aspiration, Dedication, and Collaboration. We stress both teamwork and individual expression; encourage personal exploration and allow for risk and failures in pursuit of disruptive innovation. We have also a well-established employee evaluation system including: One annual talent review; Two tracks for career development; Three talent programs established for global talents, leaders, as well as young and fledgling talents. In order to attract and retain best employees and support them to fulfill their potential, and along the way make significant contributions to the development of our company.

We welcome young talents who aspire to excel in their careers to join in our great cause, to help human beings enjoy a longer life with quality and dignity!

MicroPort® Management Trainee Program aims to recruit outstanding talents from leading local and international institutions, to lay a solid foundation for diversified talents and nurture internal successors at entry, mid-level management and technical posts for the Group and Subsidiary Companies, and build a talent reserve to support the continuous development of the Group and Subsidiary Companies.

MicroPort® Management Trainee Program offers vacancies across more than 30 departments, covering R&D, Quality Assurance, Regulatory, Clinical Studies, Manufacturing & Engineering, and Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Operations and Support services, which will provide the Management Trainees with plenty of opportunities for career development. During a two-year rotation period, the Management Trainees will be engaged in various projects and duties within departments as well as across different departments, cities, and countries or regions, to rapidly improve their comprehensive qualities and competences and lay a solid groundwork for them to become truly global and multi-skilled talents.

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