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Total Rewards

Create an environment that supports talent growth

We offer a wide range of compensation and benefits programs, to help our employees achieving better life experiences, also to attract and retain great talents.

  • Compensation

    Compensation = Guarantee Pay + Variable Bonus, We offer competitive compensation plans to commit our respect and recognition to our talents.

  • Benefits

    In addition to statutory benefits, you will be entitled to supplementary benefits, including: annual paid leave, commercial insurance, holiday gifts, high-temperature allowance, working meals and etc.

  • Employee Care

    We also consider about our employees’ work and life balance needs, including individual health and family life caring: medical examination, the free gym, various club activities, Flexible Working hours, Family Open Day and etc.

List of Benefits

  • Social insurance and housing fund

  • Supplemental housing fund

  • Commercial insurance

  • Birthday gift / Wedding gift

  • Holiday gift

  • High-temperature allowance

  • Working meals

  • Annual paid leaves

  • Medical examination

  • Free gym

  • Club activities

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  • Flexible working hours

  • Family Open Day