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Corporate Social Responsibility

Together, We Can Create Miracles

Our mission is to provide the Best Yet Accessible Ways & Means to Prolong and Reshape Lives. The mission stands for bringing health and longevity to every corner of the world, every community, every family and every patient in the fairest and most equitable way, via the most advanced medical technologies in the world.

Among the eight core values of MicroPort®, "Quality" is the foundation of our culture and the basis of all of MicroPort®’s efforts. Our social responsibility efforts are based on the concept of “Small Beginnings Leads to Great Miracles” and constantly strive to be perfect yet accessible. We hope to create the maximum value for shareholders, customers, employees and the society in a sustainable way.

Our Social Responsibility


    Business dimension


    Employer brand dimension


    User dimension
    (Patients & Doctors)


    Corporate Citizenship dimension

Dimension of Enterprise ManagementShareholder Perspective

Our responsibility to shareholders is to enhance their asset value, deliver added-value and steady returns: MicroPort® cherishes and makes good use of every bit of capital, maintains sustained and steady business development, builds a sound corporate governance structure, and constantly improves the level of overall risk management.

MicroPort®’s operation mode of 1+10+5 and the innovation system of "innovation reactor" are not only suitable for the industry characteristics of high, fine, sophisticated, difficult, risky and costly, but also in line with the national conditions of many, fast, good and province. The five-in-one product concept drives our continuous innovation in the field of medical devices, improves the competitiveness and substitutability of high-end medical devices, and enables more patients to improve the quality of life or reshape their lives.


Stakeholders: shareholders, the government

  • Corporate Compliance

    MicroPort®  has adhered to business ethics in its 21 years of business activities and complied with all applicable anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws, including the U.S. foreign corrupt practices act (" FCPA ") and the relevant...

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  • Risk Control

    In order to promote the maximization and coordination of corporate profits and effectively support the realization of the company's strategic objectives, MicroPort® actively and effectively organizes and allocates financial resources...

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  • Innovation Platform

    MicroPort® provides all MicroPort people with a 1+12+1 innovation and industrialization platform to develop as many high-tech products as possible in the shortest time with the least resources and the lowest cost....

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Employer Brand DimensionEmployee Perspective

Microport® provides its employees with a harmonious, pleasing environment, attractive remunerations and benefits, clear career plans and extensive room for development, and efficient professional training.

Microport® uses professional talent management and innovative management mode of "team up" to cope with the the mixed-operation challenges with professional talent management, and realizes mutual benefit among the Company, its clients, and its employees.

Stakeholders: employees

  • Talent Growth

    company training has been committed to building excellent personnel training and learning organization. According to the company's overall development strategy and human resource planning, we strive to combine the knowledge ...

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  • Healthy and Safety

    To ensure the safety of employees is the primary task of MicroPort®, the company established relevant management system and occupational disease prevention measures. MicroPort® is committed to providing a safe and healthy ...

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  • Emplyees’ rights and Interests

    We create a good working environment and atmosphere. According to different needs, we provide personalized support to improve the enthusiasm and satisfaction of all staffs. At the end of each year, the company...

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  • Diversification

    MicroPort® has near 7000 employees right now, we have different backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, even languages. But we come together for a common vision and mission, "serve for the patients" and " serve for doctors...

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  • An Innovation Environment

    MicroPort® college continues to optimize the innovation environment for enterprise employees. Macmillan college: A professional, sustainable and progressive platform for academic communication and exchange...

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User dimensionPatient and Doctor Perspectives

Being responsible for customers means upholding the philosophy of “quality first, service first and providing reliable protection”:

1)1)MicroPort® realized the needs of users and decision makers of medical devices, and continuous improves product quality and service by using new technologies

2)2)Treat users with integrity, and "MicroPort® implant card" protects the rights and interests of device users

3)3)Everything is based on the realization of users’value

Stakeholders: patients and doctors

  • Customer Experience

    As the main business of MicroPort®, coronary artery business has been leading the domestic market share since it was listed in 2004. Firebird2®, which awarded the "Shanghai famous brand" multiple...

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  • Follow-up sevice after surgery

    MicroPort® Conscience: Focusing on pre-operative, intra-operative, and post-operative patient education in minimally invasive interventions, it is the product support and service provider for all patient groups of China Mini-Innovative Medical Solutions...

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  • Efficiency

    MicroPort® implements the licensing system and the operational mode of the combined fleet to ensure that as the company grows, it maintains the entrepreneurial vitality, flexibility and efficiency that are unique to the operation of small businesses...

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Corporate Citizenship DimensionSocial Perspectives

Being responsible for society means giving back to the society and building the country. Since the establishment of MicroPort®, we have been grateful to the society and have continued to invest in education, public welfare, patient education, and Hope Primary School.

In the direction of education and public welfare, MicroPort® will focus on basic education and higher education, support talent cultivation, lay the foundation for future development, and provide the driving force for national progress and sustainable promotion of society.

Among the partners, we regard agents and suppliers as important partners. We develop sub-segments and trainings to enhance their growth for different needs of agents. We offer a series of procurement specifications for different suppliers. The system guarantees the principles of openness, fairness, fairness and efficiency of the bidding process, bid evaluation and follow-up, and protects the interests of all parties.

Stakeholders: Business Partners, Nonprofits, Governments, Communities

  • For Society

    In the activities of community civilization and joint construction, the company gives full play to its resources to organize health lectures, disease prevention, and other popular science education activities for community residents, and establish scientific disease prevention and control knowledge...

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  • For enviroment

    MicroPort®has established a comprehensive environment, health and safety management system within the organization, managed by the Group's Safety Operations and Responsibility Committee, responsible for environmental management, maintenance of production safety and occupational health training...

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  • Partnership

    The Group has a total of approximately 2,000 suppliers. The services provided by these suppliers cover all areas of the Group's operations, including product development and production materials, MRO supplies, equipment hardware and software, fixed assets, administrative office supplies, and human resources training...

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